Kathryn Orford is an Internationally renowned Human Performance and Mindset Expert.  Her purpose is to help you and/or your team get their mojo back! 

Kathryn has spent her entire adult life empowering people to believe in themselves and use their unique inner strengths to deliver the best outcomes in every aspect of their life.

Working with clients around the world, Kathryn’s authenticity comes from a place of overcoming the pain of rejection and proving naysayers wrong.

Excelling as a performer and entrepreneur comes naturally to Kathryn. As the daughter of an Australian Cycling Champion and Visionary winning has always been an expectation from her earliest years.

As a youngster, Kathryn was recognized as an elite athlete winning at regional and state levels.

Transitioning to dance as a teenager Kathryn, was forced to up her game because she was told she'd never make it as a professional dancer. 

Applying her athletic focus to this new endeavour, she went on to prove her critics wrong and achieve tremendous success on the world stage before going on to become the head of a highly respected school of performing arts – consistently winning regional, state and national championships.

Despite these professional successes, Kathryn’s toxic relationship with a partner resulted in a nervous breakdown that left her emotionally exhausted and suicidal.

Through a combination of pure-luck and caring intervention, Kathryn chose life and set about on a journey of self-discovery while learning to love herself from the inside out, instead of looking to others for validation that she was good enough.

Training with the world’s leading authorities in self-esteem, self-belief, human behaviour and human potential, Kathryn now inspires thousands of people around the world every year to produce results they had only previously dreamt of.

Her International Best Selling Book "Become your #1 Fan ~ How to Silence Your Inner Critic and Live the Life of Your Dreams" made #1 on Amazon in 5 Categories and #2 in Self Help and features in the Hollywood Movie Butterfly Caught. 

Through her presentations, deep dives and personal sessions Kathryn equips people like you with the beliefs, behaviours, skills and mindset to re-bound, re-imagine and re-invent their lives. 

And also coaches athletes, performers and their coaches on The Inner Game of Winning.

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