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Adult Speaking Testimonials

Kathryn is a breath of fresh air, a true inspiration. So often those in business are searching for new ideas, new techniques, and new skills, when the real answer to success in business, and indeed our lives is within ourselves.

So when you realize that more of the same, brings more of the same, invite Kathryn as your next key note speaker and witness the results as you become encircled with happier more content and successful people.

Ross Lambert, Digital Solutions Group

 Kathryn is an exceptionally gifted speaker who easily captures her audience with her natural positive, inspiring energy. I found her talk very motivational, whilst being down to earth.  Kathryn creates a wonderful atmosphere. And her use of story telling, music, passion and humor will touch your soul.

Marc Pop, Entrepreneur

I was recommended Kathryn from one of my Executive Committee, as a speaker for our Chamber Members. She came to our venue with vibrant enthusiasm, warm, abundant knowledge that she genuinely wanted to share. She is a lovely person with a passionate delivery of how to develop ‚ÄėConfidence‚Äô.¬† Many Members commented on her approachable manner and I would recommend her anytime. Thanks Kathryn, we thoroughly enjoyed having you at our Event.

Kirstie White ‚Äď Vice President ‚Äď Narrabeen and Districts Chamber of Commerce.¬†

Love your opening.  Love story telling woven with a message. Great pace and style. Clear and concise. Kirsty Spraggon, Speaker

Kathryn’s presentation resonated with me on so many levels.  She used a blend of humor and heart felt stories  to connect and inspire us  to develop our self esteem, self belief and confidence.   I then went on to have some one on one coaching with her, which I found very beneficial.  So do yourself a favor and book her to speak at your next event.

Kaisey Johnston, Performer

 Your presentation was confident, and provided me with the opportunity to reinforce the value of building our self esteem!

Barry McMaster, Matrix Vision, Learning and Change Solutions




"Kathryn is a powerhouse of inspiration. Her engaging presentations offer easy-to-implement tools for leading high-performing teams."

Dan Nzinga, CEO of Dreamworks

"A masterclass in mindset, learning styles¬† and performance. Kathryn simplifies complex concepts and transforms learning into an unforgettable experience. You‚Äôll leave with tools you can implement immediately.‚ÄĚ

Bryan Watkins, Real Estate Professional & Owner, Unyque Fitness Honolulu

‚ÄúKathryn is a breath of fresh air, a true inspiration. Invite her as your next keynote speaker and witness the results as you become encircled by a happier, more content, and highly productive team.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄĒ Ross Lambert, Digital Solutions Group

Your story is incredibly powerful. Your eloquence is truly magnificent.  You are a true being of greatness.

Sam Lambert, Digital Solutions Group

I love your energy Kathryn.  You have an amazing purity about you. I was very touched by your presentation.  You are so genuine and your passion exudes from every pore of your body.

Caroline Zhou, Social Worker and Student

Great content and delivery. Hits the buttons!

Brian Sadler, Financial Planner 


A generous personal account of shared experiences, backed by organized and wistful framework of advice and work guidelines.

Carolyn Mathews 

Thanks for the presentation.  It touched a nerve and I will be better to myself thanks to you!

David L Moore


Fun. Lots of honest truths and heart changing experiences I can learn from. Thanx, you have made a difference in your world.  Great work.

Harris T 

You are warm, engaging and inspiring and I found that I connected with you on many levels.

Dawn Taylor 

Thank you so much Kathryn for your beautiful, inspiring presentation.  I have some wonderful new ideas to share with my three teenagers and clients.  Thanks for making a difference to the world.

Christine Stewart

Youth Speaking Testimonials

Kathryn was truly engaging and captivated her audience at all levels. Her message was thorough and her style was dynamic. As well as her Keynote Address, Kathryn also ran an energized hands on workshop to give the students practical tools and techniques to use in their lives. As I talked with the students at the conclusion of the convention, the speaker that they most quoted and referred to was Kathryn. I have worked with adolescents for the past 35 yrs and highly recommend Kathryn for your conference.

Tim Hawkins, Chair Youth Convention, National Speakers Association

Kathryn approached our school this year with an offer we could not refuse- to boost the confidence and self- belief of our students as they begin their final year at Roseville College. Young people so often sabotage their potential success through negative self-talk. In her session with our girls she revealed how to relegate this for good. Her presentation was highly inter-active and very memorable and our girls found it powerful. The girls responding with the flowing comments:

‚Äėinspiring‚Äô; ‚Äėinteresting and informative‚Äô; ‚Äėencouraging‚Äô; ‚Äėuseful and applicable to everyday life‚Äô; ‚Äėpositive and motivating presenter‚Äô

I would heartily recommend Kathryn as a vibrant and inspiring speaker and a most effective communicator.

Grace Stone, Director of Student Development and Wellbeing  Roseville College  

Just a brief not to thanks for the Exceptional job you did with our Hogan’s Students.  Your workshop on Emotional Intelligence was mentioned by all as one of the best experiences they encountered during the term.

You would be interested too, to know that you were mentioned by many of them as one of the most outstanding leaders of the semester.  They particularly like your candor and how you demonstrated concern for each of them.  They saw you as authentic and someone they felt comfortable following. Hopefully we’ll be able to convince you to come back.  Aloha.

John Webster, Director Hogan Entrepreneurial Program, Chaminade University

Exceptional Performance Coaching

TESTIMONIALS by Kathryn Orford
collage of athletes

I have had only two sessions with Kathryn and I have to say it changed my life.  My outcome for the sessions was to equip myself with the techniques and strategies to change my way of thinking and empower me to be in peak mental condition for my auditions.  Kathryn was absolutely amazing in showing me where I’d gone off track in the past.  So unlike previous years, applying what she taught me I landed numerous contracts in opera companies all around the world.  Thank you so much Kathryn.  I’m forever grateful.

Judit Lorincz – Opera Singer 

Kathryn has worked with my teams on goals and confidence. I had a successful season when she helped my U22 women’s team win the championship and I decided to call on her to help my Saint Augustine’s Varsity Team who were struggling with lack of belief.

We went on to win the remainder of games that season including the conference final by thirty points over a team that had beaten us both times during the regular season. The boys hardly missed a shot in the opening period and gave their opposition little chance of success.

Brad Dalton – Dual Olympian, Director of Basketball St Augustines College. 

Before I started working with Kathryn I was riddled with anxiety and self doubt. After two sessions I headed to Tasmania to swim in eight events at the Tasmanian Short Course Championships. Applying what Kathryn taught me to calm my nerves and visualize exactly how I wanted my events to go, I came home with 8 gold medals and did 6 PB/s (personal bests) shaving a whopping 6 seconds off my previous PB for the 200 meters individual medley. Thanks so much Kathryn.

Sarah Keenahan, Swimmer 

I had some peak performance coaching sessions with Kathryn when an injury forced me to return home from working overseas.  At that stage I was lacking a sense of direction and had lost confidence in my abilities as a dancer/performer.

Working with Kathryn helped me to re-connect with my unique gifts.   Using the skills and techniques that I learnt in our coaching sessions, I successfully auditioned for the 2nd series of SYTYCD and unlike last year, sailed through to the Top 100.  To top it off, I then got a contract to perform in a major musical, so took that instead.  The most important things I got out of our sessions, was how to get over pre-audition nerves,  clarity about my vision for the future, and creating a plan of action and goals to make my vision a reality.   I feel so much more inspired to go after my dreams and my motivation level has soared through the roof!

If you’re a performer or athlete you deserve to work with Kathryn to help guide you on your journey.  I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve given me.  Now I know my dreams can come true. 

Karlee Misipeka – Performer 

Kathryn worked with our U22 women’s basketball team instilling self belief in themselves and each other.  It was such a positive experience seeing   the “team” come together at finals time, winning their quarter final, semi final and grand final against all odds from fifth position.  The girls bonded so well under pressure and used the tools that Kathryn had taught them to stay positive and win the State Championship Flag.  Whether you’re a sporting team, corporate team or individual, if you have the chance to work with Kathryn, I say go for it!

Brad Dalton – Dual Olympian , MWBA Head Coach 

My name is Saskia Burmeister, I am an actor working in the Australian and international film and television industries, appearing in such films as Hating Alison Ashley, The Jammed, Ned Kelly and also cast as a lead in Channel Nine’s Sea Patrol.

I had the pleasure of working with Kathryn Orford throughout my teens by joining her dance school The Creative School, in Sydney.  Kathryn had such a wonderful influence on me as a young adult, inspiring me to grow with confidence into the adult that I am today.

Kathryn taught me with passion and commitment, creating a gentle, exciting and safe environment for my fellow peers and I to explore our creativity and build our strengths.  I feel privileged to have worked with Kathryn especially now pursuing a career in acting. I feel the techniques of self-empowerment and inner-strength she helped me grow enables me to withstand the challenges this industry presents.

Saskia Burmeister, Actress 


Kathryn’s presentation resonated with me on so many levels. She used a blend of humor and heart felt stories to connect and inspire us to develop our self esteem, self belief and confidence. I then went on to have some one on one coaching with her, which I found very beneficial. So do yourself a favor and book her to speak at your next event.

Kaisey Johnston – Performer

Kathryn Orford has helped my daughter get through a time when, after a horrific accident on a basketball court, she ended up with a very badly broken arm. Kathryn’s sessions backed up by her CD’s (which my daughter left on repeat ALL night), gave my daughter the strength to not only come back and play ball, but to look at situations and turn them around to a positive note. We love what your doing Kathryn, and I hope more families gain as much joy as we did from your work. Thanks for helping us.

Llewena Binge 

Listening to Kathryn’s  Audio Book “Positive Ways to Transform your Day” helped me deal with an incredibly challenging situation. After a horrific accident on a basketball court, I ended up with an arm that was broken in three places and told that I may never play again.  I listened to this CD heaps (even while I was sleeping) and it was a huge help.  I’m now back on the basketball court and far more aware that I’m in control of my mind, my thoughts and my body.   I highly recommend it!

Zale Binge 

Kathryn Peak Performance Coached my Manly Warringah Representative basketball team and I really found her sessions helpful.

I’ve adopted her techniques in many aspects of my life. Her enthusiastic and exciting approach enabled our team to recognize weaknesses in our basketball ability and in our self-confidence. She taught us ways to drown out negative voices, believe in our abilities and to channel that into our games.

Even though we’d played together for years, Kathryn was able to bond our team so that we trusted each other on the court, which was the ingredient that really pushed us over the line in winning the State Championship.

I have also used the techniques and mind set that Kathryn has shared with me in my everyday life. I am more calm and confident in approaching my HSC exams and any new task that I am challenged with. Kathryn is a lovely and inspiring lady and I feel so privileged to have worked with her.      Thanks Kathryn!

Ellie Radan

 Kathryn has helped me to bring my motivation for basketball back.  I was a bit off track in my games for a while and was losing my motivation and confidence.  Kathryn had a chat to me and also gave me an exercise to do at home.  It really helped me. My game the following week was so much better.  Thank you.

Sienna Nisavic 

My 11 year old daughter Siena has been playing rep basketball for the last 3 years, a game she really loves.  This season has been a tough one and she was spending more and more time on the bench, with her confidence visibly dropping and her game suffering as a result.

After just one short session with Kathryn, there was a marked difference in her mental attitude and her physical game.  She’s since had a group session with Kathryn involving the whole team and the difference is huge; you can sense it even before she steps onto the court.  Thanks Kathryn, I think what you do is inspiring.

Carolyn Nisavic 

I have known Kathryn Orford for many years – initially as a highly successful dance teacher, and more recently as a ‘Peak Performance Coach’.  I employed her services this year for our full time dance students as I felt the techniques and tools that Kathryn was promoting would be highly beneficial for my students and would complement my teaching philosophies well. In my opinion it is equally as important for a dancer to be in optimum mental state as it is optimum physical shape.

Kathryn developed a concise program for my full time students that was interactive and inspiring, and gave them the tools to assist them mentally to clarify, focus and achieve their dreams and goals.  I thank Kathryn for the positive influence and effects she has had with my students and for her always positive and enthusiastic manner.

Tanya Pearson, Principal, Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy

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