Here you’ll find everything you should need to get the most out of working with Kathryn – before, during and after your event. If you need something that’s not here, please reach out to Kathryn.

Travel Arrangements

Kathryn travels from Denver Colorado, and being on the tall side (ie: 6’) her long legs find it very challenging in an economy seat. Ideally she prefers to travel business class, especially if the flight is over 2 hours, if not Premium, where she’ll at least get extra leg room.

AV Requirements

  • Kathryn prefers to use a headset microphone as she jumps around a lot, otherwise a lapel mike with some black electrical tape to secure the battery pack to the back of her bra. And she brings her own clicker.
  • It’s vital you tell the AV people that she runs an Apple Mac laptop from the lectern out front – she DOES NOT put her presentation on the ‘main’ computer because she often changes things around on the fly to emphasize points the audience finds valuable, funny or both.
  • She needs a regular 3.5mm sound lead, and either a VGA or HDMI cable. She carries both adapters/dongles, just in case.

Kathryn’s Adult One Sheet and Speakers Kit

Kathryn's Adult Speaking - Intro

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for an electrifying experience with Aussie-born Kathryn Orford! Hailing from a lineage of champions, with her father as a former Australian Cycling Champion and her first unofficial mindset coach, Kathryn’s journey is nothing short of inspirational.

Kathryn’s story is one of incredible resilience. From facing the depths of despair and battling her inner critic, she emerged victorious, transforming her greatest adversary into her most powerful ally. This personal triumph has fueled her groundbreaking approach to leadership and personal development.

With a rich and varied background in catering and the performing arts, Kathryn likens a business team to a dance troupe, where each member’s strengths contribute to a stellar performance. Her 20+ years in speaking, coaching, and training are fortified with expertise in NLP, neuroscience, and mental performance mastery, combined with a genuine understanding of human potential.

Prepare to laugh, possibly cry, and walk away armed with the tools to boost your and your team’s productivity and performance.



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