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Keynote Type: Ideal for Opening or Closing Sessions
Themes: Transformation, Personal Reinvention, Mindset Shift, Motivation, Inspiration, Personal Growth

In the world of professional development and personal growth, 'mindset' is a term often tossed around. But what does it truly mean? The conventional definition points to a set of attitudes or fixed ideas, which can be challenging to alter. This is precisely why Kathryn Orford positions herself not just as a mindset speaker but as a pioneer in Mind-Shift speaking, coaching, and training.

Transforming mindset isn’t just a theoretical concept for Kathryn; it’s a practical, achievable goal. She delves into the art of perception and the power of attributing new meanings to our self-image and situations. This keynote addresses the critical question: Do you have an Inner Critic stifling your brilliance?

Kathryn tackles common challenges such as self-sabotaging patterns and the detrimental “compare and despair” mindset. She guides her audience in recognizing these mental weeds and teaches them how to cultivate a garden of self-acceptance and growth. Her message is clear: no one's life is flawless, but everyone can learn to navigate life's hurdles with resilience and grace.

This highly interactive and engaging presentation is infused with personal anecdotes, music, humor, and the creative use of props. Kathryn’s approach is not just about imparting knowledge; it's about initiating a significant shift in thinking. She offers practical strategies to “clean out the mental clutter,” emphasizing that these limiting beliefs haven't been there forever and can indeed be transformed.

Perfect for meeting planners looking for a speaker who can provide transformative insights and tangible strategies, Kathryn’s session is a journey of self-discovery. It’s an invitation to become your own biggest fan, turning self-doubt into self-empowerment. Participants will leave not just inspired but equipped with the tools to dance through life’s challenges, embracing their complete selves–flaws and all.
Ideal for audiences in corporate settings, personal development seminars, leadership conferences, and team-building events, this keynote is a masterclass in transforming potential into performance.
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  • Unmasking the Invisible Quartet: Recognize how these four saboteurs operate both individually and collectively within your team.

  • Silencing the Inner Critic: Develop tactics to tackle the internal narratives that limit potential and foster self-doubt.

  • Demolishing Impostor Syndrome: Cultivate genuine self-confidence and recognize the value each team member brings.

  • Ending the Compare and Despair Game: Shift from unhealthy comparisons to a focus on individual strengths and team synergy.

  • Eradicating Negative Labels: Learn to move beyond restrictive labels and beliefs that hinder creative and strategic thinking.

  • Elevating Team Dynamics: By addressing these psychological barriers, foster a more positive, productive, and cohesive team environment.

    This keynote encapsulates a journey towards transformational leadership and team empowerment, ensuring lasting impact and success in both professional and personal realms.

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"Because Kathryn's been empowering thousands of people around the world for decades now, it was AWESOME to work with her, because as an Emcee, you want to work with speakers that know what they're doing on and off the platform."

Brett Dashwood,

"Kathryn is a breath of fresh air, a true inspiration. So often those in business are searching for new ideas, new techniques, and new skills, when the real answer to success in business, and indeed our lives is within ourselves.

So when you realize that more of the same, brings more of the same, invite Kathryn as your next keynote speaker and witness the results as you become encircled with happier more content and successful people."

Ross Lambert,
Digital Solutions Group

"Kathryn is an exceptionally gifted speaker who easily captures her audience with her natural positive, inspiring energy. I found her talk very motivational, whilst being down to earth.  Kathryn creates a wonderful atmosphere. And her use of storytelling, music, passion, and humor will touch your soul."

Marc Pop, 

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