KEYNOTE TYPE: Opening or Closing
THEMES: Resilience, Mindset, Motivation, Inspiration, Personal Development

High school and college years are a pivotal time filled with challenges—be it a tough breakup, academic setbacks, or sports disappointments. In this presentation, Kathryn shares her own struggles, including overcoming a severe nervous breakdown in her early thirties. She demonstrates how resilience can become your most powerful tool in navigating life's ups and downs.

Kathryn provides practical strategies and insights from her own experiences and those of others who have successfully turned their setbacks into comebacks. Learn how to use disappointments as stepping stones for growth and success. This isn't just about making it through; it's about thriving, despite the obstacles you face.

Join Kathryn for a transformative talk that equips you with the tools to bounce back stronger and seize growth opportunities in life's journey.


  1. Setbacks: Your Secret Weapon for Success

    • Benefit: Turn every challenge, from breakups to missed team opportunities, into growth moments. Learn to see setbacks as pivotal steps toward achieving your goals.
  2. Powering Through Tough Times with Style

    • Benefit: Adopt effective strategies for overcoming life's challenges, like bad grades or difficult sports days. Gain skills to recover stronger and more focused.
  3. Your Past? Just a Prologue

    • Benefit: Understand that your past does not define you. Use your experiences as a foundation to build a future driven by your dreams and ambitions.
  4. Your Squad Matters: Choose Your Circle Wisely

    • Benefit: The importance of supportive friendships is crucial. Learn to cultivate a network that uplifts and encourages you through tough times.

These key points are designed to equip you with the right mindset and tools to navigate the unique challenges and seize the opportunities of young adulthood. Prepare to turn your challenges into your greatest victories!

Embrace Every Challenge: See setbacks, from breakups to missing the team, as opportunities for growth. We'll demonstrate how these moments build resilience and character.

Bounce Forward with Style: Learn practical strategies to handle the ups and downs of young adulthood, including peer pressure and study stress. Gain the skills to maintain a positive mindset and a clear vision.

Rewriting Your Story: Your past is just the beginning. Look forward to a future filled with possibilities, set ambitious goals, and pursue them with optimism.

Building Your Dream Team: Discover the importance of a supportive circle. We'll guide you in choosing allies who inspire and empower you, enhancing your ability to overcome challenges.

This journey isn’t just about surviving school; it's about thriving throughout it and beyond. Embrace your unique potential and transform your aspirations into achievements. Get ready to embark on a transformative path of self-discovery and empowerment, where every step forward moves you closer to success.


Kathryn thrives on inspiring and guiding high school and college students, helping them navigate the unique challenges and opportunities of their formative years. With a deep understanding of the pressures and hurdles young adults face, Kathryn is dedicated to empowering the next generation to harness their potential and achieve their dreams. This reel showcases her dynamic approach and the profound impact she has on students' lives, motivating them to pursue greatness with confidence and resilience. Join Kathryn in making a difference, one student at a time.

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"Kathryn was truly engaging and captivated her audience at all levels. Her message was thorough and her style was dynamic. As well as her Keynote Address, Kathryn also ran an energized hands on workshop to give the participants practical tools and techniques to use in their lives. As I talked with the young leaders at the conclusion of the convention, the speaker that they most quoted and referred to was Kathryn."

Tim Hawkins,
Chair Youth Convention National Speakers Association

"Kathryn approached our college this year with an offer we could not refuse- to boost the confidence and self- belief of our students as they begin their final year at Roseville College. Young emerging leaders often sabotage their potential success through negative self-talk. In her session she revealed how to relegate this for good. Her presentation was highly inter-active and very memorable and our young women found it powerful. They responded with the following comments: ‘inspiring’; ‘interesting and informative’; ‘encouraging’; ‘useful and applicable to everyday life’; ‘positive and motivating presenter’ I would heartily recommend Kathryn as a vibrant and inspiring speaker and a most effective communicator."

Grace Stone,
Director of Student Development & Wellbeing

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