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Keynote Type: Ideal for Opening or Closing Sessions
Themes: Transformational Leadership, Reinvention, Mindset, Motivation, Teamwork

In today's rapidly changing world, the strategies that led to team success just a few years ago are no longer sufficient. If your team is battling burnout, underperformance, or feeling disjointed with the new hybrid work model, it's time for a radical shift.

Gone are the days of endless pivoting. Now, it's about orchestrating a new rhythm, a fresh approach to teamwork and leadership. In this engaging and interactive keynote, filled with the invigorating energy of music and movement, personal anecdotes, and thought-provoking props, Kathryn Orford, with her 20+ years as an award-winning entrepreneur, company director, performer, and choreographer, will guide your journey to revitalize your workforce.

Transform Your Workplace with a New Beat:

Re-Connect: Bridge the gaps created by recent changes and foster a deeper connection within your team.
Re-Engage: Reignite the passion and motivation in your employees, turning routine tasks into performances of excellence.
Re-Build: Construct a resilient and adaptable team structure that thrives in both challenges and opportunities.
Revitalize: Inject a burst of energy and innovation into your workforce, propelling productivity and satisfaction.
Re-Choreographing Success:
It’s time to compose a new dance for your company’s culture, one where every step is in harmony with your organizational goals and employee well-being. Let Kathryn show you how to move your team from disjointed steps to a cohesive, vibrant performance that embodies success in every move.
Embark on this journey of transformation with Kathryn Orford and watch as your company culture evolves into a masterpiece of collaboration, motivation, and success.
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Cultivating Exceptional Performance:

  • Standing Ovations for Team Loyalty: Acknowledge and celebrate the dedication of your team members who have stood by you during challenging times. This simple yet powerful gesture can significantly boost workplace productivity and morale.
  • Unique Recognition for Unique Contributions: Tailor your recognition and rewards to reflect the individual strengths and styles of each team member. By doing so, you're not just acknowledging their efforts; you're valuing their uniqueness.
  • Unify Your Team: Move beyond individual performances to form a cohesive, well-synchronized ensemble. It’s about ensuring that every member is in step, contributing to a united and powerful team dynamic.
  • Redefine Your Company Culture: Choreograph a new company culture that resonates with every team member. Create an environment where everyone is motivated and in sync, leading to enhanced performance, productivity, and satisfaction.
  • Leadership Transformation: Elevate your leadership skills to foster a workplace culture that prioritizes and optimizes performance, productivity, profits, and retention.
    Stop focusing on where you were 3 years ago, or where you’re at right now. And focus on where you want your workforce to be. Your team can’t be what they can’t see!

    As a tiny baby attempting to take your first few shaky steps, you didn’t say “I suck at this, I might as well give up now.” As you start choreographing a brand-new company culture, some members of your team might fall out of step. There’s no such thing as failure... only feedback. Fail fast and fail forward.

    Ask every member of your team to brainstorm your team's/company's new mission and vision. Decisions will align with your mission when everyone’s on board with your vision.

    Draw on what you’ve learned so far as a team that worked and didn’t work. Forget perfection. Let reflection and connection guide your direction.

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"Because Kathryn's been empowering thousands of people around the world for decades now, it was AWESOME to work with her, because as an Emcee, you want to work with speakers that know what they're doing on and off the platform."

Brett Dashwood,

"Kathryn is a breath of fresh air, a true inspiration. So often those in business are searching for new ideas, new techniques, and new skills, when the real answer to success in business, and indeed our lives is within ourselves.

So when you realize that more of the same, brings more of the same, invite Kathryn as your next keynote speaker and witness the results as you become encircled with happier more content and successful people."

Ross Lambert,
Digital Solutions Group

"Kathryn is an exceptionally gifted speaker who easily captures her audience with her natural positive, inspiring energy. I found her talk very motivational, whilst being down to earth.  Kathryn creates a wonderful atmosphere. And her use of storytelling, music, passion, and humor will touch your soul."

Marc Pop, 

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