Your mindset underpins everything you do. Does yours need a make-over?


Every morning you get to choose how you'll approach your day. Are the choices you're making serving you?


It's not about being the best in the team. It's about being the best for the team.

Meet Kathryn Orford, a luminary in transformational leadership and team dynamics, with a profound personal story of resilience. From the depths of despair, where she once battled her inner critic, Kathryn emerged triumphant, learning to turnĀ her inner critic into her greatest ally and personal cheer squad. This journey has deeply influenced her innovative approach to leadership and personal development.

A Journey of Triumph and Innovation
With a rich background in performing arts, Kathryn sees a team as a dance troupe, each memberā€™s strengths contributing to a harmonious performance. Her 20+ years in speaking, coaching, and training are underpinned by expertise in NLP, neuroscience, and mental performance mastery, blended with an authentic understanding of human potential.

Image: Kathryn withĀ Oprah Winfrey

Empathy and Empowerment in Leadership

Kathryn's sessions are interactive and engaging, using her journey to connect with and inspire her audience. She specializes in identifying and nurturing strengths and guiding individuals and teams to reach their potential. Her approach is not just about leading, but empowering and transforming personal and professional challenges into opportunities for growth.

Creating a Legacy of Positive Change

Kathrynā€™s mission is to foster resilient, positive leaders capable of creating inspiring and innovative work environments. Her vision is a world where leadership is not just a position but a dance of motivated individuals, harmoniously led by transformational leaders.

Kathryn continues to inspire and transform the landscape of leadership and personal development, one story, one team at a time.

Image: Kathryn with Jack Canfield

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