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As I'm sure you know there’s much more to winning than developing the physical skills. Having a success mindset is crucial. In fact without it, an individual athlete, performer or team will never reach their true potential.

Over the past 15 years I’ve had the pleasure of supporting numerous individual athletes, performers and sporting teams to achieve goals they’d previously thought of as pure fantasy. 

The coaches and families of those clients all refer to me as their “secret weapon.” 

I’ve developed a five part strategy that once we’ve cleaned out all their limiting beliefs (and believe me EVERYONE has them) has produced a 100% success rate. You read correctly.

Everyone that has implemented the skills I’ve taught them has produced extraordinary results.

For example:

  • An U22 Women’s Basketball Team who were coming 5th half way through the competition went on to win every game as well as the State Championship in extra time.
  •  A full time ballet student riddled with anxiety about her call-backs, being accepted into both the Royal Ballet School & English National Ballet.
  • A swimmer after only two sessions headed to a state championship and entered 8 events. Implementing the skills I’d taught her she came home with 8 gold medals, 6 personal bests and shaved 6 seconds off her 200 meters individual medley.
  • A dancer returning from overseas injured disheartened and about to give up, landing numerous roles in major musicals. 
  • A basketball player who fell and broke her arm in 3 places was told she’d probably never play again. After working with me she was back on the court 3 months later. 

  • An opera singer unsuccessfully auditioning for companies, now singing as the lead soprano in opera companies all over Europe.
  • A Varsity Men’s Basketball Team who’d lost their star players because they’d graduated, lacked self belief and were losing consistently. 

Here’s what Brad Dalton Dual Basketball Olympian had to say about working with me:

“Kathryn has worked with my teams on goals and confidence. I had an extremely successful season when she helped my U22 women’s team win the State Championship, so I decided to call on her to help my Saint Augustine’s Varsity team who were struggling with lack of belief. We went on to win the remainder of games that season including the conference final by thirty points over a team that had beaten us both times during the regular season. The boys hardly missed a shot in the opening period and gave their opposition little chance of success.”

So if you’re interested in producing those type of results... let's have a conversation today to discuss your needs.


Have you ever set a goal or New Year Resolution and started on 1st January fired up and filled with hope and positivity only to take your foot off the pedal a month or so down the track and give up?

Believe me you’re not alone.

Statistics say only 8% of people that set New Years Resolutions achieve them.  And 80% of New Year Resolutions set in January have fallen by the wayside by the 2nd week in February.

So I’m going to change that for good.  Wanna join me?  


  • Create a goal based on your deepest desires.
  • Chunk it down into small bite sized achievable goals.
  • Create an impending event to give you the impetus
  • Work out what the secondary gain is ie: what will achieving your goal give you?  (This is what will juice you up and keep you motivated when the going gets tough)
  • Learn why your past attempts have failed.
  • Identify your limiting beliefs and behaviors that could stop you again and clear them out for good.
  • Identify your current values and which ones will need to change in order for you to achieve your goal.
  • Learn how to re-program your negative self talk and replace it with a cheer squad.
  • Create a strategy in advance for if you go off track (which is inevitable) to get you back “on track”” again.
  • Learn the power of affirmations, script writing, vision boards, and meditation as tools to achieve your goal.
  • Fire up your self worth and self belief so nothing will stop you from achieving your goal this time.
  • Buddy up with someone in the group as your accountability buddy.


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