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I have had only two sessions with Kathryn and I have to say it changed my life. My outcome for the sessions was to equip myself with the techniques and strategies to change my way of thinking and empower me to be in peak mental condition for my auditions.
Kathryn was absolutely amazing in showing me where I’d gone off track in the past. So unlike previous years, applying what she taught me I landed numerous contracts in opera companies all around the world. Thank you so much Kathryn. I’m forever grateful.

Judit Lorincz – Opera Singer

Kathryn has worked with my teams on goals and confidence. I had a successful season when she helped my U22 Women’s Team win the State Championship for the first time, from the unlikely position of 5th half way through the season.  So I decided to call on her to help my Saint Augustine’s Varsity Team who were struggling with lack of belief.

We went on to win the remainder of games that season including the Conference Final by thirty points, over a team that had beaten us both times during the regular season. The boys hardly missed a shot in the opening period and gave their opposition little chance of success.

Kathryn's methodology and expertise in identifying and banishing unconscious limiting beliefs, building confidence and bonding a team, are far more superior to what most sports psychologist are capable of achieving.. 

Brad Dalton – Dual Olympian, Director of Basketball St Augustines College.


Before I started working with Kathryn I was riddled with anxiety and self doubt. After two sessions I headed to Tasmania to swim in eight events at the Tasmanian Short Course Championships. Applying what Kathryn taught me to calm my nerves and visualize exactly how I wanted my events to go, I came home with 8 gold medals and did 6 PB/s (personal bests) shaving a whopping 6 seconds off my previous PB for the 200 meters individual medley. Thanks so much Kathryn.

Sarah Keenahan, Swimmer


Creating the Winning Edge: Mastering Your Inner Game
The Resilience Train; How to Ride the Road Bumps of Life
Remember who you were... Before the world told you who you should be

Topic 1

Creating the Winning Edge: Mastering Your Inner-Game.

Creating the Winning Edge: Mastering Your Inner Game
As athletes, you know the importance of physical training, technique, and strategy in your sport. However, the true secret to gaining a winning edge lies in mastering something much deeper – your inner game. The mental and emotional aspects of sports are just as crucial as physical abilities, and often, they are what set champions apart from the rest.

The Power of Mindset
Your mindset is your most powerful tool. It's about more than just being positive; it's about cultivating a mindset of resilience, focus, and determination. 

Emotional Intelligence on the Field
Emotional intelligence is your ability to understand and manage your emotions, as well as recognize and influence the emotions of others. In sports, this means being able to stay calm under pressure, maintain focus amidst distractions, and bounce back quickly from setbacks.

Visualization: Seeing is Achieving
Visualization is a detailed, practiced mental rehearsal based on your preferred learning style.  Not everyone visualises the same.  Vividly imagining yourself executing perfect technique or making the winning play, you're training your brain for actual performance. 

Goal Setting and Mental Toughness
Setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. Mental toughness comes from pushing through when things get tough, staying committed to your goals, and not being deterred by setbacks.

Cultivating Self-Discipline
Self-discipline is what keeps you going when motivation wanes. It's about doing what you need to do, even when you don't feel like it. This discipline extends beyond just training and into your diet, sleep, and recovery practices.

Mind-Body Connection
Your mind and body are deeply connected. Physical health supports mental health, and vice versa. Regular exercise, proper nutrition, adequate rest, and mindfulness practices like meditation can significantly improve your mental game.

Team Dynamics and Communication
It's not just about how well you play as an individual but how well you connect with your team, understand each other's strengths, and work together towards a common goal.

By mastering your inner game, you're not just improving as an athlete; you're setting yourself up for success in all areas of life. This approach to sports is about holistic growth – physically, mentally, and emotionally. It's about becoming the best version of yourself, both on and off the field!




 1. Cultivating a Champion's Mindset
Learn to develop and maintain a resilient and focused mindset, essential for overcoming challenges and performing under pressure. This mental fortitude is key to excelling in sports and life.

2. Harnessing Emotional Intelligence in Sports
Gain the ability to manage emotions effectively, both your own and those of teammates. This skill enhances team cohesion, personal performance, and the ability to remain composed in high-stress situations.

3. The Power of Visualization Techniques
Master the art of mental rehearsal to improve physical performance. Visualization helps in perfecting techniques and strategies, leading to increased confidence and readiness for actual competition. And not everyone visualizes the same way.

4. Strategic Goal Setting and Mental Toughness
Learn to set and achieve realistic yet challenging goals. This process not only boosts motivation but also fosters mental toughness, essential for pushing through barriers and achieving long-term objectives.

5. Building Unwavering Self-Discipline
Develop the self-discipline necessary for consistent training, proper nutrition, and recovery. This discipline is crucial for peak performance and maintaining high levels of physical and mental fitness.

6. Strengthening the Mind-Body Connection
 Understand and fully utilize mindfulness and the connection between mental and physical health. A strong mind-body link leads to improved overall well-being, better stress management, faster recovery from injuries and enhanced athletic performance.

7. Effective Team Dynamics and Communication
Enhance your ability to communicate and collaborate within a team setting. Strong team dynamics are critical for success in team sports and contribute to a more enjoyable and productive athletic experience.

These key takeaways are designed to empower athletes with the skills and knowledge to excel in their sports by mastering their inner game. The benefits extend beyond athletic performance, offering tools for personal development and success in all areas of life.


As athletes, you're constantly pushing your limits, striving for greater heights in both performance and personal growth. "Forward Focus" is your roadmap to mastering the inner strengths that are as crucial as your physical abilities in achieving athletic excellence.

Here's what "Forward Focus" brings to your athletic journey:

Mental Resilience in Sports:
Step into a world where your mind is your greatest ally. Learn how to cultivate a champion's mindset that can weather any storm - be it a tough loss, a challenging opponent, or internal doubts.

Emotional Agility on and off the Field:
Develop the emotional intelligence crucial for navigating the highs and lows of your athletic career. You'll gain skills to manage stress, maintain focus in pressure situations, and harness positive emotions to fuel your performance.

Visualization: Your Secret Strategy:
Unlock the power of your imagination to enhance your physical training. We'll dive into practical visualization techniques that prepare you mentally for every game, ensuring you're always one step ahead.

Goal Setting and Grit:
Discover the art of setting effective goals and the grit to achieve them. Whether it’s improving your personal best, recovering from an injury, or aiming for a championship, learn how to set, pursue, and achieve meaningful objectives.

Discipline: The Backbone of Success:
Discipline is the cornerstone of great athleticism. We'll explore strategies to strengthen your self-discipline, ensuring that your training, nutrition, and recovery are always on point.

The Mind-Body Power Duo:
Dive into the synergy between mental and physical health. Understand how mental well-being can enhance physical performance, and how physical fitness can improve mental strength.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work:
In team sports, unity is strength. Learn how to be an effective communicator and a supportive teammate, creating a positive and productive team environment.

"Forward Focus" is not just about being a better athlete; it's about being a well-rounded individual with the skills to succeed in every aspect of life. It's about harnessing the power within you to create a future where you're not just participating in your sport, but truly excelling in it.

Topic 2 

"Unstoppable Athlete:
Mastering Resilience in Sports and Beyond"

"Unstoppable Athlete:
Mastering Resilience in Sports & Beyond." 
Your journey as a high school or college athlete is more than just practices and games; it's a rollercoaster ride of life's highs and lows. From the adrenaline of a game-winning play to the heartbreak of an unexpected loss, or the challenges of balancing sports with academics - these moments are key in shaping not just your athletic career but your personal growth.
In this powerful and relatable presentation, Kathryn shares her personal experiences, including being told she'd never make it as a professional dancer, proving her critics wrong, and overcoming intense challenges like a nervous breakdown in her early thirties. She brings resilience to life, not just as a concept, but as a vital tool for navigating the complexities of young adulthood.

But this isn't just about stories. Kathryn provides a resilience toolkit designed specifically for young athletes like you. These are practical, proven strategies for bouncing back stronger from setbacks, whether it's an injury, a tough loss, or juggling the demands of student life.

Discover how to channel the discipline, teamwork, and dedication from your sports into every aspect of your life. Learn to see setbacks as opportunities for growth and self-discovery. Kathryn's insights will help you build a resilience muscle that powers you through not just your athletic pursuits, but all of life's challenges.

Join Kathryn on this journey to transform your athletic and personal challenges into stepping stones for success. This presentation is about more than just making it through; it's about thriving in the competitive and ever-changing game of life.


 These key takeaways are designed to equip young athletes with the tools and mindsets necessary to navigate the unique challenges of high school and college life. It's about harnessing the power of resilience learned on the field to thrive in every aspect of your life.

1. Embracing Setbacks as Growth Opportunities
 Learn to view setbacks, whether in sports or personal life, as essential growth moments. Develop the mindset that each challenge faced, whether a lost game or academic pressure, is a stepping stone towards personal development and success.

2. Balancing Athletics and Academics
Gain strategies for effectively managing the unique pressures of being a student-athlete. Learn how to juggle sports commitments with academic responsibilities, maintaining excellence in both arenas.

3. Building Mental Toughness in Sports and Life
Master the art of mental resilience that is crucial both on and off the field. Enhance your ability to stay focused, motivated, and persistent, even under the most challenging circumstances.

4. The Power of Positive Self-Talk
 Discover techniques to transform your inner dialogue into a powerful tool for self-encouragement and motivation, especially critical during moments of self-doubt or after experiencing setbacks.

5. Strategies for Overcoming Personal Challenges
Learn from Kathryn's personal journey to tackle life's challenges with resilience and determination. Gain insights into overcoming personal obstacles, including managing stress and mental health.

6. Cultivating a Supportive Network
Understand the importance of building and relying on a network of teammates, coaches, friends, and family. Learn how a strong support system is key to resilience and success in both sports and life.

7. Transferring Athletic Discipline to Personal Goals
Apply the discipline and dedication you've learned through sports to other areas of life. Whether setting academic goals, personal development objectives, or career aspirations, use your athletic discipline as a foundation for success.


 Charting Your Athletic and Personal Future with Resilience

As you stand at the intersection of your high school or college athletic career and the wider world, "Forward Focus" is your playbook for forging a future that reflects your highest aspirations, both in sports and in life.

This presentation is not just about athletic excellence; it's a comprehensive guide to embracing resilience as your core strength. Here's how "Forward Focus" will support and inspire you in crafting your ideal future:

Mastering the Resilience Mindset: Delve into the mindset of resilience that is crucial for athletes. Learn how to cultivate a perspective that sees every hurdle as an opportunity to grow stronger and more skilled, both in your sport and in life.
Balancing Sports and Academics Successfully: Discover strategies to manage the unique challenges of being a student-athlete. Gain insights into effectively balancing training, competitions, and academic responsibilities, setting the foundation for success in both arenas.

Building Mental and Emotional Strength: Learn techniques to develop mental toughness and emotional resilience. These skills are vital in handling the pressures of competitive sports and can be transferred to overcoming personal and academic challenges.

Crafting a Positive Personal Identity: Explore ways to define yourself beyond just being an athlete. This part of the presentation focuses on personal growth and self-discovery, encouraging you to embrace all aspects of your identity.
Developing a Supportive Network: Understand the importance of building a strong support system. Learn how to foster relationships with teammates, coaches, family, and friends who will support you in your athletic journey and beyond.
Setting and Achieving Personal Goals: Harness the discipline and focus honed through sports to set and achieve personal goals. Whether it's academic achievements, career aspirations, or personal development objectives, learn how to apply your athletic drive to all areas of life.

Preparing for Life After Sports: For senior students, gain insights into transitioning from school sports to future endeavors. Whether continuing in athletics or moving into new ventures, learn how to leverage your sports experiences for future success.

"Forward Focus" is more than just a presentation; it's a launchpad for your future. It's about taking the lessons, experiences, and strengths from your time as a student-athlete and using them to build a fulfilling and successful life, both on and off the field.


Topic 3 

Remember Who You Were...
before the world told you who you should be! 

Rediscovering Authenticity in the Athletic World

This topic addresses the unique challenges faced by young athletes in an era dominated by social media and societal expectations. Here's how it speaks directly to high school and college athletes:

  1. Navigating the Social Media Maze in Sports
  2. Embracing the Unfiltered Athlete Within
  3. Building Self-Esteem in a Competitive Environment
  4. Celebrating Your Unique Athletic Journey
  5. The Strength of Vulnerability in Athletics




1. Navigating the Social Media Maze in Sports
Learn to distinguish between the constructive and destructive impacts of social media on your athletic and personal identity. Develop strategies to maintain your individuality and authenticity, resisting the pressure to conform to the often unrealistic standards set by online trends.

2. Embracing the Unfiltered Athlete Within
Participate in activities that help you reconnect with your unfiltered, genuine self, the one you were before the world started shaping your image as an athlete. This exploration will empower you to appreciate your unique qualities, both as a person and an athlete, independent of external validation.

3. Building Self-Esteem in a Competitive Environment 
Acquire skills to enhance your self-esteem and self-worth, especially crucial in a world that often equates athletic performance with personal value. Strengthen your inner confidence, making you more resilient against the relentless scrutiny and comparison fostered by social media.

4. Celebrating Your Unique Athletic Journey
Discover the importance of embracing and expressing your individual athletic path, which may not always align with mainstream expectations or standards. Learn to value and share your unique experiences and perspectives, enhancing your personal and athletic growth.

5. The Strength of Vulnerability in Athletics
Understand and embrace the power of vulnerability and authenticity in your sports journey. Accepting all parts of your athletic self, including setbacks and imperfections, as integral to your unique story as an athlete.

This keynote encourages young athletes to shed the layers of societal and digital expectations and rediscover the authentic, passionate athlete within. It's a journey to reaffirm your love for the sport, independent of external pressures and influences, celebrating the true essence of being an athlete.



How Athletes Will Benefit from "Remember Who You Were..."
From "Remember Who You Were... Before the World Told You Who You Should Be", high school and college athletes will carry forward a set of invaluable insights and tools that will significantly benefit their athletic and personal journeys. Here's how they will apply these learnings to shape their future:

Authentic Self-Expression in Sports and Life:
Athletes will learn to maintain their true selves in the face of social media and societal pressures. This authenticity will help them stand out, not just in their sport, but in all aspects of life, fostering genuine connections and opportunities.

Resilience Against External Pressures:
The skills gained in filtering and balancing social media's influence will serve as a shield, enabling athletes to focus on their personal and athletic goals without being swayed by fleeting trends or unrealistic expectations.

Enhanced Self-Confidence and Self-Worth:
By boosting self-esteem independent of external validation, athletes will be better equipped to handle the pressures of competition and public scrutiny. This inner strength will be pivotal in both their current competitions and future endeavors.

Embracing Individuality in a Team Setting:
Understanding the value of their unique journey will encourage athletes to contribute their individual strengths to their teams, enhancing team dynamics and personal satisfaction.

Vulnerability as a Strength:
Recognizing the power of vulnerability will enable athletes to openly discuss challenges and setbacks, fostering a supportive environment among teammates and coaches. This approach will be crucial for mental health and overall well-being.

Long-term Personal and Athletic Growth:
The keynote's insights will encourage continuous self-reflection and growth, helping athletes evolve in their sports and as individuals. This growth mindset will be invaluable as they transition from school sports to future careers or higher levels of competition.

Leadership and Influence:
By embodying these principles, athletes will naturally develop into leaders and role models, inspiring others with their authenticity and resilience.

In essence, "Remember Who You Were..." provides more than just momentary inspiration; it equips young athletes with a compass for navigating the complexities of their current athletic careers and future life paths, ensuring they remain true to themselves every step of the way.

Why Kathryn

Empowering the Next Generation of Athletes and Performers

Kathryn's journey from a state-level athlete to an inspiring speaker for high school and college students is a narrative of passion, transformation, and success. Her diverse career path, marked by significant achievements in sports, dance, performing arts, and motivational speaking, makes her an exceptional role model for young individuals, especially those aspiring to excel in athletics and performaning arts.

A Journey of Evolution and Success

Kathryn's early years were defined by her prowess in track and field, softball, and netball, where she honed her discipline and resilience. Influenced by her father, a former Australian Cycling Champion, Kathryn learned the value of a growth mindset and the power of perseverance.
Transitioning from sports, Kathryn embraced her passion for dance, proved her critics wrong and evolved into a professional dancer. This phase of her life was not just about artistic expression but also about understanding the intricate connection between physical prowess and mental fortitude.
Her success in dance led her to establish a highly successful school of performing arts, where she nurtured young talents, integrating lessons from her athletic and dance experiences. Here, she developed "The Inner Game of Winning Program," which became instrumental in coaching numerous athletes and performers who have gone on to achieve goals they previously thought of as pure fantasy. This program focused on the mental aspects of performance, emphasizing confidence, focus, and resilience.

Empowering Young Athletes and Performers
Today, Kathryn brings her rich tapestry of experiences to high schools and colleges, speaking to students, especially athletes and performers, about harnessing their potential. She empowers her audience with insights on:

The Interplay of Physical and Mental Strength:
Sharing her experiences in sports and dance, Kathryn underscores the importance of mental resilience in achieving physical excellence.

Nurturing Talent and Ambition:
Drawing from her time running a performing arts school, she provides valuable guidance on nurturing talent and pursuing one's passions.

Mental Strategies for Peak Performance:
Her "Inner Game of Winning Program" offers students practical tools for mental conditioning, crucial for peak performance in sports and the arts.

Inspirational Guidance for Future Success:
Kathryn's transition to a motivational speaker reflects her commitment to inspiring the next generation. She offers not just stories but strategies that students can apply in their pursuit of excellence.

Booking Kathryn for Your Institution
Kathryn Orford is more than a speaker; she's a mentor whose life story embodies the essence of triumph over challenges. Inviting Kathryn to your school promises an engaging, insightful, and inspiring session, motivating students to excel both in their athletic endeavors and personal aspirations.
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