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The Inner Game of Winning WORKSHOP for Athletes & Performers


9am - 5pm Noosa Heads

Venue - Advised once you enrol. 

Developing your physical skills is only HALF OF THE EQUATION...The other half is your mind.

This workshop is FOR YOU if: 

  • You're aspiring to becoming a professional.  

  • You're hoping to land a sport or performance scholarship.

  • You're a member of a rep or elite squad or eisteddfod group. 


  • They have an "inner critic" that stops them from being as successful as they can be. 

  • They have great physical skills in practice, but allow their nerves to get the better of them when it really matters.  

  • They play the "compare and despair game." 

  • They stress over managing expectations to maintain their winning status.

  • They struggle coming back from injuries and/or expectations of others ie: coaches, teachers, parents, peers.

  • Developing a GROWTH MINDSET along with your self esteem, self worth and self belief is how you're going to rise to the top and become the champion you were destined to be!   



  • Identify what's been holding you back from being as brilliant as you can be. 

  • Re-program your inner critic and negative self talk and turn it into your own personal cheer squad! 

  • Write your 3 month, 6 month and 1 year goals and develop a plan that ensures you not only achieve them but exceed them. 

  • Erase negative emotions from past failures/setbacks/injuries/ disappointments etc...

  • Stack positive emotions/anchors to set you up for outrageous future success, probably beyond your wildest dreams!

    And a whole lot more.. all while having a whole lot of fun in the process?  

    Sound good?  
    Space is limited so BOOK NOW.






    ADDED BONUS:  Enrol BEFORE the 1st April, and you'll also receive FREE access to The Inner Game of Winning for Athletes Online Program - worth $297 for the next 12 months.


    I'm 5'11".  A former professional dancer and talented athlete.  

    For many years I ran a highly successful school of performing arts and for the past 15 years have been Peak Performance Coaching Elite Athletes and Performers just like you to create results they previously thought of as pure fantasy ie: 

  • A basketball team that were being thrashed half way though the season going on to win the conference final by thirty points.  

  • A swimmer competing in 8 events, winning 8 gold medals and shaving 6 seconds of her 200 metres individual medley. 

  • An opera singer struggling at auditions now singing in lead roles in opera companies all over Europe. 

  • A rep basketball player who'd broken her arm in 3 places and told she'd probably never play again, back on the court within 3 months.

  • A full time ballet student riddled with anxiety and self doubt being accepted into The Royal Ballet School. 

    If you're ready to create results like this.....


    I look forward to meeting you. 

    Kathryn x

What People Are Saying:

If you play soccer and get the chance to work with Kathryn I say go for it!!! Applying what I learnt my game improved dramatically. Before working with her I wasn't scoring and starting to feel like I was letting my team down. But as soon as I implemented what Kathryn taught me I started scoring goals consistently. Kathryn's techniques really do work!!! They have become my "secret weapon."

Bryan Watkins

Before I started working with Kathryn I was riddled with anxiety and self doubt. After two sessions I headed to Tasmania to swim in eight events at the Tasmanian Short Course Championships. Applying what Kathryn taught me to calm my nerves and visualize exactly how I wanted my events to go, I came home with 8 gold medals and did 6 PB/s (personal bests) shaving a whopping 6 seconds off my previous PB for the 200 meters individual medley. Thanks so much Kathryn. Sarah Keenahan, Swimmer

Sarah Keenahan - Swimmer

Kathryn has worked with two of my teams on goals and confidence. I had a successful season when she helped my U22 Women’s Team win the State Championship from the unlikely position of sitting 5th half way through the season. So I decided to call on her to help my Saint Augustine’s Varsity Team who were struggling with lack of belief. We went on to win the remainder of games that season including the conference final by thirty points over a team that had beaten us both times during the regular season. The boys hardly missed a shot in the opening period and gave their opposition little chance of success. Brad Dalton – Dual Olympian, Director of Basketball St Augustines College.

Brad Dalton Basketball Dual Olympian

Listening to Kathryn’s Audio Book “Positive Ways to Transform your Day” helped me deal with an incredibly challenging situation. After a horrific accident on a basketball court, I ended up with an arm that was broken in three places and told that I may never play again. I listened to this CD heaps (even while I was sleeping) and that along with some coaching was a huge help. I’m now back on the basketball court and far more aware that I’m in control of my mind, my thoughts and my body. Zale Binge - Rep Basketball Player

Zale Binge - Rep Basketball Player

Kathryn you helped make my dreams come true. Two weeks before my final audition in London for the Royal Ballet School and English National Ballet School I had this permanent negative mindset and I was really apprehensive about making the journey to London. I then had 3 private peak performance coaching sessions with Kathryn and my total way of thinking changed using the tools and techniques that Kathryn taught me. Kathryn you helped make my dreams come true. I got accepted into both schools and I’m moving to London in September to attend the Royal Ballet School. Thank you for everything. I couldn’t possibly have done it without you. Lucy Gold, Florida Ballet Company.

Lucy Gold - Ballerina

Working with Kathryn helped me to re-connect with my unique gifts. Using the skills and techniques that I learnt in our coaching sessions, I successfully auditioned for the SYTYCD and unlike last year, sailed through to the Top 100. To top it off, I then got a contract to perform in a major musical, so took that instead. The most important things I got out of our sessions, was how to get over pre-audition nerves, clarity about my vision for the future, and creating a plan of action and goals to make my vision a reality. I feel so much more inspired to go after my dreams and my motivation level has soared through the roof! If you’re a performer or athlete you deserve to work with Kathryn to help guide you on your journey. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve given me. Now I know my dreams can come true. Karlee Misipeka – Performer

Karlee Misipeka - Performer

I have known Kathryn Orford for many years – initially as a highly successful dance teacher, and more recently as a ‘Peak Performance Coach’. I employed her services this year for our full time dance students as I felt the techniques and tools that Kathryn was promoting would be highly beneficial for my students and would complement my teaching philosophies well. In my opinion it is equally as important for a dancer to be in optimum mental state as it is optimum physical shape. Kathryn developed a concise program for my full time students that was interactive and inspiring, and gave them the tools to assist them mentally to clarify, focus and achieve their dreams and goals. I thank Kathryn for the positive influence and effects she has had with my students and for her always positive and enthusiastic manner. Tanya Pearson, Principal, Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy

Tanya Pearson - Legend in the Australian Ballet World

When I was a full-time ballet student at Tanya Pearson’s Classical Coaching Academy we did some peak performance coaching with Kathryn and it really helped me calm my nerves before I go on stage or compete. I highly recommend working with her if you get the chance. -Shayarne Matheson

Shayarne Matheson - Full-time ballet student

My name is Saskia Burmeister, I am an actor working in the Australian and international film and television industries, appearing in such films as Hating Alison Ashley, The Jammed, Ned Kelly and also cast as a lead in Channel Nine’s Sea Patrol. I had the pleasure of working with Kathryn Orford throughout my teens by joining her dance school The Creative School, in Sydney. Kathryn had such a wonderful influence on me as a young adult, inspiring me to grow with confidence into the adult that I am today. Kathryn taught me with passion and commitment, creating a gentle, exciting and safe environment for my fellow peers and I to explore our creativity and build our strengths. I feel privileged to have worked with Kathryn especially now pursuing a career in acting. I feel the techniques of self-empowerment and inner-strength she helped me grow enables me to withstand the challenges this industry presents. Saskia Burmeister, Actress

Saskia Burmeister - Multi Award Winning Actress

I have had only two sessions with Kathryn and I have to say it changed my life. My outcome for the sessions was to equip myself with the techniques and strategies to change my way of thinking and empower me to be in peak mental condition for my auditions. Kathryn was absolutely amazing in showing me where I’d gone off track in the past. So unlike previous years, applying what she taught me I landed numerous contracts in opera companies all around the world. Thank you so much Kathryn. I’m forever grateful. Judit Lorincz – Opera Singer

Judit Lorincz - Opera Singer

When I was a full-time ballet Student at Tanya Pearson's Classical Coaching Academy we had four peak performance coaching sessions with Kathryn. And I found them incredibly valuable. Before the sessions I used to focus on what could go wrong just before I performed, like "what if I fall over, or muck up my pirouette?" But using the tools Kathryn taught us I took charge of my thoughts and have since gone on to study at the Royal Ballet School in London and now a Soloist at the Scottish Ballet Company.

Evan Loudon - Soloist Scottish Ballet

Kathryn Orford has helped my daughter get through a time when, after a horrific accident on a basketball court, she ended up with a very badly broken arm. Kathryn’s sessions backed up by her CD’s (which my daughter left on repeat ALL night), gave my daughter the strength to not only come back and play ball, but to look at situations and turn them around to a positive note. We love what your doing Kathryn, and I hope more families gain as much joy as we did from your work. Thanks for helping us. Llewena Binge

Llewena Binge - Mother of Rep Basketball Player

Even though we’d played together for years, Kathryn was able to bond our team so that we trusted each other on the court, which was the ingredient that really pushed us over the line in winning the State Championship. I have also used the techniques and mind set that Kathryn has shared with me in my everyday life. I am more calm and confident in approaching my HSC exams and any new task that I am challenged with. Kathryn is a lovely and inspiring lady and I feel so privileged to have worked with her. Thanks Kathryn! Ellie Radan

Ellie Radan - Youth League Rep Basketball Player